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Car Park


A dark comedy about bagels, rental cars, and rednecks.

Driver's License, Please was my first produced play!

I am a member of Plan-B Theatre's Theatre Artists of Color Playwright Writing Workshop. (I'm half-Brazilian!) This incredible workshop was initially taught by playwright Julie Jensen and continued on as a safe space for members of the Workshop to continue writing and receive feedback. The play was a part of a public evening of readings by the Theatre Artists of Color in 2018 and received a full production in 2019. 

​The production was directed by Jerry Rapier and featured Jillian Joy, Erika Ovuoba, Carlos Nobleza Posas, and Bryan Kido. Designed by La Beene (costumes), Cheryl Cluff (sound), Megan McCormick (lighting, assisted by Emma Eugenia Belnap), Cara Pomeroy (set, assisted by Harris Smith) and Arika Schockmel (props). Stage managed by Jennifer Freed. 

 "Plan-B Theatre’s efforts in inclusion and diversity establish an undeniable position as leader in the artistic community. Two of this year’s top 10 moments come from this extraordinary small theater company. The first comes from Olivia Custodio’s short play Driver’s License, Please, that premiered last season as part of …Of Color, featuring four short works by playwrights of color. A writer with natural comedic gifts, Custodio delivered the production’s most audacious, ribald moments, riffing handily off the classically unpleasant experience of renting a car, the setup for a scene as women get justice for the wholly obnoxious behavior of a chauvinist male." -The Utah Review

The play was by far the most vulgar play of the night and would most definitely have been R-rated if made into a film." -Utah Theatre Bloggers (THIS IS MY FAVORITE REVIEW OF ALL TIME.)

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