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Colorful Lipsticks


A dark comic cocktail: one part bomb-shelter, one part extramarital affair, one part

ill-timed selfie, garnished with a look inward that comes one apocalypse too late.

Bombastic Blue was written as a commission by Plan-B Theatre for the annual Rose Exposed exhibition in Salt Lake City.


"This annual celebration of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center is presented by three dance companies, two theatre companies and a music company, all in residence at the Rose. These six companies represent the highest level of artistic experience and are each influencers in their own right, in both their respective fields and the community. Once a year, these six companies co-produce a lively, one-night-only showing of all-new short works: some created that day, some rehearsed a few days in advance, all being shared with their first (and maybe only) audience—you!" -The Blocks SLC


Each year, the resident companies create a brand-new work based on a certain theme and a piece of classical music. The 2019 theme was #TRENDING. I wrote Bombastic Blue around this theme as well as Liszt’s Transcendental Etude No. 12 "Chasse-neige". I was so thrilled to represent Plan-B Theatre that night in August 2019. 

​The 10-minute play was directed by Morag Shepherd and featured Emilie Starr, Jay Perry, and Latoya Cameron. 

 "From Plan-B Theatre, Custodio’s 10-minute play premiere of Bombastic Blue rocked the house with plenty of laughter. But, this playwright’s gift also is leavening the comedy with the right touch of dark sober realizations without skipping a beat. It’s tightly written and the three actors, Latoya Cameron, Jay Perry and Emilie Starr, bring out every worthy bit of this miniature gem in a production directed by Morag Shepherd." -The Utah Review

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