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Based in Salt Lake City, Olivia Custodio has made her mark as an actress, playwright, and creative. With her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and Master of Music from the University of Utah, Olivia has known from an early age that the arts were her calling. Olivia found her way into the arts as a professionally-trained opera singer, and spread her roots into the worlds of musical theatre, drama, radio, film, and playwriting. She is always looking for a new artistic venture and way to collaborate with other beautiful minds. 



Recently, Salt Lake Acting Company chose Olivia's 5-minute short If It's Good Enough for Costco to be fully produced over Zoom as a part of their Digital Shorts series. Watch it below!

Directed by Topher Rasmussen

Music and Editing by Nick Fleming

Starring Annette Wright and Eric Brotherson




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